Thelma & Louise Photography

What to Wear

Family session

First decide which room in the house you will be hanging your family portrait. Once you pick a room choose colors for your clothing that will compliment the room and the room's accent colors. Accessories are a plus, any Jewelry or a scarf is great. Watch the guys shoes, colorful tennis shoes is a no go. Lastly, I always recommend Mom's find their favorite outfit first and then pick everyone else's outfit around your colors. Feel free to call or message anytime with questions and concerns. 

Dresses are available on request

We provide many different colors and style wraps. If you have anything specific please have it ready for your session. Any hats or beanies are recommended. Neutral colors are recommended if also doing a family session (solids) 

Please bring a wide range of Lingerie, heals, jewelry, extra make up for touch ups, and panty hose. Other recommendations are favorite shirt, tee shirt, or hobby item of significant other to incorporate in the shoot. 

If you have any special interests or request for props please be sure to speak to photographer about your session prior to meeting. 

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